The Dutch duo Blasterjaxx, who only performs with one of the members, present their latest track showing they are very alive and with good productions.

One of the most successful duos in the world of electronic music shows to be in great shape with another production that shows the identity that over the years has characterized them, we are talking without a doubt of Blasterjaxx that present their new theme “Super Friends” with the voice of Jack Wilby.

Just listen for a few seconds and you’ll soon realize that we are facing a production of Blasterjaxx, that classic melody that they use several times and that has a mysterious sound, makes us take a musical journey through the world of the Dutch duo, and with the voice of the English singer who gives another dynamic to their music.

With all the great productions that Blasterjaxx have done, they consolidated their career with the passage of time showing all the quality that has been growing more and more. Still to be released is the new album, which will come out in the second quarter of the year. We’ll wait until the long-awaited duo releases it.

Listen below the new single of Blasterjaxx with Jack Wilby:

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