B-Front has been on a roll as of lately. In the last few months we’ve heard him play many new tracks live, or we could at least hear short clips of them online. He’s also announced a few other collabs via his social media. However he’s been rather quiet in what concerns actually releasing music… Let’s have a look on what’s unreleased from him!

The first one is probably one of the most awaited tracks, one that’s already very well known for being in a lot of the artist’s sets: Elektronic Symphony, a collaboration with Adrenalize, and an extremely well made mashup of the best both artists can deliver, with the usual atmosphere that B-Front always has and the melodic touch from Adrenalize.


We continue with a track that’s been teased innumerous times, it was even played on last year’s Defqon.1, and it is another one that has the usual dark atmosphere we’re used to from Bob. It’s a solo track, most likely titled Believe, and that was well received by fans.

We then have a track that’s known as The Power Of Dreams, which seems to be the collaboration with MYST that was announced a while back.

The last edition of Hard Bass was also a good source for B-Front ID’s! First up, we’ve had what’s allegedly a mega collab between B-Front, Noisecontrollers and Atmozfears. The track uses a well known melody from a series called Das Boot, and it is likely that its goal was just to be a DJ tool for Hard Bass and that it will remain unreleased. You can listen to it here. In addition to that, there’s also an unknown track that sounds exactly like the type of track B-Front would do, and we also had the track The World, which was not only played during Hard Bass, but also featured on Decibel’s 2018 Mainstage showmovie, as seen here

There are a few others that do not have any kind of previews as of yet. For example, we got to know via social media a couple of weeks ago that B-Front will also have a track with Psyko Punkz, which is an unlikely combination that may result in a very outside the box track! Recent Instagram stories from Bob have also shown him collaborating remotely with Rejecta. We also have that picture from back in August 2018 of him and Deetox in the studio. He’s also shown availability to collab with Wasted Penguinz sometime last year.

And last, but not least, the long promised B-Frontliner album that some speculate that it won’t see the light of day! We highlight that one of the most well known tracks from this supposed album was already premiered 4 years ago.

Some are starting to speculate that most of these unreleased tracks are being prepared for a solo album… But so far we have no confirmation of this. It could very well be released on EP’s, or singles. That being said, expectations are high for all of these tracks. B-Front is one of the Hardstyle’s greatest, and his releases are always welcome!

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