Man has this year just gotten a lot more excited with British duo, Delta Heavy, just releasing their long-awaited album “Only In Dreams”. The album is the second one, and after the success of their debut album “Paradise Lost”, the pressure was on Ben and Simon’s shoulders to create something as unique and powerful as the previous one.

Truth is, they managed to go beyond that.

Released under RAM Records, “Only In Dreams”, as the title suggests, has a deep inward feeling, one that can only be found in one’s dreams, and that will ivolve in you, traveling for an 11 track long journey. This intergalactic journey feeling as one might describe, is something we’re used to hearing from Delta Heavy, and is exactly what takes this album to the next level.

The album starts with “In Dreams”, and through a unique atmosphere effect, the track grows, making you feel like you’re orbiting around the galaxy, with no way to stop, drifting in the immense vastness of nothing. Growing larger and bigger, you finally reach your destination, and that’s when the track ends.

“Anarchy” is the track that follows this adventure. Delta Heavy’s signature drum and bass together with Everyone You Know’s distorted and energetic vocals, aswell as this punkish feel, completely transforms your expectations of what’s to come. Taking a sharp turn into greatness, you feel completely immersed in the track, giving you a feeling of rush and adrenaline.

Another collaboration follows, with this one however, featuring one of the most outstanding duos in Electronic Music, Zeds Dead, and holds the name of “Lift You Up”. What can I say about this track, so peculiar and unique that it makes you feel energetic and relaxed at the same time? The Drum and Bass provided by the combination of these four masterminds of this genre is mindblowing, but what makes this one stand-out is the different emotions you get when mixing the melody together.

Following the story in the album and emphasizing the stranded message in it, is “Here with Me”. With the indistinguishable vocals from Modestep playing alongside a very joyful melody, the track grows bigger and bigger until reaching the drop, where it all explodes, making you and every listener smile in sheer happiness.

“I want you to be here with me”

“Exodus” is the album’s dark turn. The melody is packed with a feeling of uncertainty and danger, and the vocals takes this sentiment to a whole other dimension. The track’s build up is staggering and the amount of energy gathered before this drop so filthy and harsh, that it will get you and your peers headbanging against a wall, door, or whatever is in front of you.

It’s time to make a stop in sandy and ancient Egypt with “Revenge”. Together with Muzzy the arps and lutes and drums create a beautiful atmosphere. The vocals presented tell a story, a story of revenge and though I doubt that in ancient times they had as intense Drum and Bass as the one created here, the inspiration allows the track to bloom into what is in my opinion the second best track of the album.

“A.I” is like we never heard before. The guitar riff and the drums give the track an energetic feel, and just as you thought you had “Only In Dreams” figured out, a mid-tempo turn is taken, giving everyone a chance to catch their breath and recover. We must warn you however. This is Delta Heavy’s mid-tempo, unlike anything you have ever heard, so be prepared for greatness.

Arriving at the final third of the album we find “Collide”, a melodious and may I say perfect track, that proves that you don’t always need to be aggressive and harsh to create something intense. Rae Hall’s vocal are smooth and a delight to your ears and you will find in this one a sense of “at home” that is very difficult to create.

Another collaboration is ahead, this time with KUURO, another duo of producers that have made a name of themselves during 2018. This production is very intriguing because of how well they managed to keep both their sounds alive in “Replicant”. The heavy bass drop is everything we could ever desire from KUURO, which rapidly gathers pace growing in tempo, until the cluster of energy explodes into Delta Heavy’s stunning Drum and Bass.

The adventure through space and time is almost reaching its final destination, with only two more tracks to go in this beautiful LP but if every album ending translates in these chilling and perfect tracks like “Show Me The Light” and “Take Me Home”, i’m more than happy to reach the ending.

Both tracks titles indicate the feeling transmitted by them. “Show Me The Light” makes you feel like you’re finally escaping all the demons and adventures that you were faced during this journey, with the melody fusing together with Starling’s vocals creating thus for a truly beautiful experience.

“Take Me Home’s” lyrics and vocals transmit a sense of purity and freedom that is very hard to achieve, and may I say, Delta Heavy absolutely nailed this ending. Imagine you unleashed all emotion, but at the same time feeling a million different ones at the same time. That’s the feeling you get while listening to this final track. The vocals of Jem Cooke allow you to gather and feel all the weight of the lyrics, reminding you of all you’ve gone through in the album, and then everything unfolds in a mind-blowing drop that is everything you ever dreamed of. With this said, “Take Me Home” is, in my humble opinion, the best track of the album.

“Maybe you’re gonna be the one to take me home”

Describing everything you feel when listening to this album is a near impossible task but if Delta Heavy were able to exceed all expectations after their masterpiece debut album, I think I can reduce this album’s review in a couple lines.

“Only In Dreams” is the culmination of Delta Heavy, it’s the journey of a lifetime that can only be felt and not described. Every listener will have their own take and journey with this album, but one thing is universal, which is that this album is a masterpiece and that it could very well be one of this year’s best LP’s.

What I’m trying to say is, you MUST listen to this wondeful album and if you can find you, much like i was, is at a loss for words, let us know!

[REVIEW] Delta Heavy unveil "Only In Dreams" their second album
Favorite Tracks
  • Take Me Home
  • Revenge
Least Favorite Tracks
  • A.I
9Overall Score

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