This is not the first time we premiere a track from the Portuguese Bass prodigy Frepz (Diogo Menezes) and he seems to amaze us with every record he sends us.

In fact, from Beaker North back in 2018’s Summer, a release that marked a new page on the artist’s career, where he experimented new sounds and pushed the boundaries of his production skills, to his ridiculously heavy collab with bassReaper – Err_Trip – leading us to his latest Over Me a record that brought us the perfect balance between a jazzy vibe and the bass leads and wobbles we’re used to hear from Diogo himself, the artist is now back with a forthcoming bomb and it doesn’t seem like he’s stopping now.

This one starts off with a stabber brass, which leads us to an enthusiastic beat, overlayed with some heartfelt vocals (which actually gave the track its name):

I get lost in the stars when I’m with you.

These vocals will get you the energy you need to break your neck to the heavy drop. If you’re into headbanging, this is one of the releases that you need to have on your playlist and play it whenever you’re feeling lazy. This one will boost your day.

You can be the first one to hear this brand new record and you can do it and download for free on this exclusive link!

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