“Hi This Is Flume” is the artist’s brand new mixtape. It was released yesterday and announced just a day before that. It is a mix made purely of unreleased Flume tracks and it has a visual aspect added to it.

After his long-awaited return announced at the end of last year, the Australian producer and DJ gave us a heads up 2 days ago letting everyone know a mixtape was on the way and making the announcement that he will be present at this year’s Lollapalooza Chicago. He released it yesterday in an album format except on YouTube where it was released as a solo video with visuals made by Jonathan Zawada.

It truly is one of the most immersive experiences one can experience when it comes to music. The whole visual aspect is insanely well accompanied by the best Future Bass in the world (there is no denying it). Flume maintains his status as the godfather of the subgenre and one of the most influent names in the Dance Music industry.

All of the songs have something really characteristic: an industrial and not “perfect” type of production that, in their own way, make them perfect. Flume really captured what Dance Music is all about. A lot of collaborations are present with artists such as Eprom and rappers like JPEGMAFIA.

There is a lot more to be said about the mixtape, not only musically but also visually so what’s the best way to describe it if not by just seeing it? “Hi This Is Flume”, enjoy:

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