Heart For Hard representative Regain let the fans know via social media that he’ll be releasing a follow up to Point Of No Return. His next album will be named Out of Bounds and will hit the streets on the first of May!

The announcement video doesn’t provide details, except for the fact that you can already pre-order the album, so it is pretty much a mystery at this point how exactly will this album be. The artist promised previews soon in the comment section, and Neroz jokingly commented saying it “was a pleasure producing this album for you”, so we can eventually say that it is safe to expect a collab between these two in the album, which wouldn’t be surprising, given that they already released Nothin’ Like The Oldschool together back in 2015.

Regain is a talent that’s been rising throughout the years, and he’s a very well known name within the “Raw Hardstyle” scene. His first big breakthrough was probably Push It To The Limit, which had good feedback from fans, and another very well received hit of his was Xorcism. In addition to releasing on Heart For Hard, he’s done appearances on a few respectable labels such as Gearbox, Anarchy, End of Line and Theracords.

Given all this, we can almost take for granted that Regain will do a home run with this album, which should make his popularity go… out of bounds! Be sure to keep your ears open for previews.

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