RFM Somnii has been know for having a five star lineup since its first edition, bringing new DJs like no other festival was doing and that’s what made the sunset grow and turn out to be what it is today.

As mentioned in previous articles (how could this be breaking news) the organization is going for a different approach this time and they’re bringing some oddly new and fresh names to the beach. In addition to having Hip Hop and Pop artists on their half-full artist list, they have just announced three more names – people aren’t really that happy about it.

In fact, kicking off the day with some of the most expected news of the day, they have (should I say once again?) disappointed fans that had bought tickets months before having any names up on their lineup. Fans who trusted Somnii felt betrayed and have now actually started considering selling their tickets. But that’s not a topic to be discussed this time.

This time, Figueira’s beach will host the stage for the former LMFAO member Redfoo, who will bring out his Party Rock Crew and together they will throw a quite complex and fun party.

Then, Jonas Blue will also be there and this time they went for a commercial side of dance music and you’ll surely listen to some of Jonas’ summer anthems on the last day of the festival, alongside Don Diablo and Tyga.

Finally, Fedde Le Grand has just been added to the first day of the event and this quite nice confirmation will rock Portugal once again and his classical renewed sounds will surely mark the hearts of whoever steps in Praia do Relógio.

We can’t wait to see how the final lineup will look like but we hope that it will be filled with quality names, making the attendees feel like they never want to leave Somnii ever again.







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