Bassjackers have teamed up with LA-based artist APEK for yet another huge track to add to their repertoire called “Flip The Beat”.

After so many years on top, one might begin to wonder: “How have Bassjackers remained on top of the scene for so many years?”. But after watching the repertoire of releases, LPs, and EPs, the dutch duo has more than justified their meteoric ascent to popularity. From sold out shows all over the world to main headlining shows on Ultra, Tomorrowland, and many more, Bassjackers have been on the forefront of everything big room, trap, hardstyle, electro house and everything else with a powerful kick.

On the opposite corner, APEK has been making waves himself. The LA-based artist is a regular over at Tritonal’s Enhanced Recordings, after becoming their protégé. Since then, collaborations with Tritonal, Feenixpawl, and Breathe Carolina, APEK is slowly rising to the very top, as he shows great promise.

Now, APEK and Bassjackers team up once again, having collaborated before on “The Fever”. The track, which features gritty melodies, massive amounts of energy and the all-important big room saws, are the main headlining feature of the track, and Bassjackers’ return to form. The drop is trademark big room sound: with huge thumping kicks, rhythmic percussion and spine-chilling synths, “Flip The Beat” is just waiting to blow up speakers in festivals around the world.

You can check out the track in the link down below.

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