Earlier this month, Sephyx released his debut album, named Resolute. The young artist has been making big waves in the Hardstyle scene, and we checked if his album lived up to the hype… 

The first track, Prologue, serves as an orchestral intro for the album, and features vocals with a strong and relatable message.

Aspiring & Invincible follows it, and uses the same vocals. The lead is very energetic, which matches the overall vibe given by the lyrics, which challenge the listener to be resilient and achieve his goals.

The third track, Almost Home, starts with very soothing vocals chops and a soft melody. After this intro we have a very interesting part where the vocalist is accompanied by guitar sounds. The climax has more vocal chops intercalated with a very prominent melody, which ends in another section where the vocalist is accompanied by guitar strings. The second climax explodes in a beautiful melody that fills the speakers.

The fourth track is already well known by fans. Breathe Hardstyle has a self explanatory title, and its vocals have a very touching message which represents exactly how listeners of this genre are – absolutely dedicated.

Take Me Up comes up next. The track starts in a non remarkable way, but keeps the drive and energy up with reverse bass-like sounds. The melody that follows it is very catchy. The distinctive elements here are the pleasant vocals and the heavy bass that fills the track without overwhelming it.

I Could Be Yours is the 6th track. The vocal parts set a very romantic mood, but the kick is extremely punchy and very pleasant on the ears, which provides an interesting contrast and defines this as track that’s both good for dance floors and for listening at home.

We then have Wild Love, a track that was featured on Sephyx’s and Devin Wild’s set at Reverze last month. Once again, Sephyx does a great job in treating vocals, but the distinctive elements here are the aggressive bass that resembles tracks like the Mind Dimension bootleg made by Phrantic, and the dubstep inspired part midway through that throws the listener back to the days when “Dubstyle” was a thing within the Hard Dance scene.

The 8th track is named Into Infinity, and it is mostly focused on the lead melody that gives a very happy feeling to the track in general.

We then have Transmission, which starts with vocals chops, similar to what we’ve seen on the third track. The mid-intro is somewhat anti-climatic which gives a very interesting change of pace. The track then opens up, and both climaxes have simple and catchy melodies, making this track a safe choice to wake up a crowd at a festival.

The 10th track is This Is Special, a collaboration with Da Tweekaz released last year. Another very well known track that’s been played at all major festivals, and that works really well live… It invites the listener to forget everything bad and make that moment a memorable and special one!

The following track is also familiar, having been featured on Coone’s Trip To Tomorrow album, and it is Coone & Spehyx’s Remix of High From It by Laxx. Nothing particularly remarkable here, but it is always interesting to see young producers joining forces with more experienced ones – the result is often a very well polished track, but with the novelty factor of having fresh blood helping produce it.

We continue with familiar tracks, this time with last years The Qontinent anthem. The vocals here challenge the listener to be strong and resilient, which goes extremely well with the album’s overall theme. We then have a very solid track, that’s well suited for the festival it was made for – summer vibes, catchy melodies and a strong kick and bass combination make this a perfect track for an event that’s held on August, in the height of summer.

The 13th track, Creation Of A Universe, sets a strong mood straight away, but winds down soon after with a soft piano melody and vocals with lyrics revolving around the theme of the track. We then have a very overwhelming melody that is soon after joined by a very punchy kick and bass with a big drive.

Go Down is the last track. The small breakbeat inspired portions before and after the climax is an element that makes it quite distinct, but it leaves the listener wishing for more and for something similar to what we had on Wild Love. It is also a small track, before you know it, it already ended, and closed the album with it.

Overall, Resolute is a good album. It showcases very well what Sephyx is capable of, and it is reasonably varied, but in a style that’s clearly identified as Sephyx’s own. Going outside the box wasn’t cast aside as well, with tracks like Wild Love, but the artist did not take too many risks overall. The previously released tracks included are either very good hits or fit well within the album’s overall theme, so they’re a welcome addition. Being 49 minutes long and having 14 tracks is a big plus – even with the older tracks included, there’s plenty of music and a lot of new material. You can stream the album below:

[REVIEW] Sephyx showed his worth on Resolute, his debut album
Favorite Tracks
  • I Could Be Yours
  • Wild Love
Least Favorite Tracks
  • Go Down
7.7Overall Score

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