The dutch DJ and producer Afrojack releases its third theme of the year and in a different record from previous releases but with a lot of quality.

Nick Leonardus van de Wall, one of the world’s most respected DJ’s, with his artistic name Afrojack, is back with the release of new tracks and this time brings with him Rae Sremmurd and Stanaj who join forces to launch “Sober” a track with rhythms different from what the public is used to from the Dutch DJ.

The hip-hop-style song starts with a rather soft voice from Stanaj that fits perfectly into the melody and as the song changes, the voice changes as well and Rae Sremmurd comes in with a great vibe. With all this Afrojack shows that he is quite versatile and able to make music in the most diverse styles.

The Dutch DJ thus maintains the great form with which he started the year 2019, with a performance in the first edition of Tomorrowland Winter, in which he was at the spotlight, and at this moment he’s planning his summer. It is already known that he will pass through Portugal for a performance at RFM Somnii, this being the first time that the artist acts in the festival that takes place between July 5 and 7, in Figueira da Foz.

Listen below the new single of Afrojack with Rae Sremmurd and Stanaj:


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