Over the years, this terrific British duo known as Third Party have perfected their art, building an extremely dedicated fanbase and releasing some of the most breathtaking tracks along the way and now, they are here to deliver one of the most awaited albums of the year.

Their journey has been a long one, starting out with a couple of remixes from legends of this industry that we all know and love. In 2017, they released their album “Hope”, an album so unique and heartfelt, that it got the whole world dancing with the widest smile on their face. This album counts with some of the greatest Progressive House tracks of all time, “Live Forever”, which happens to be one of the tracks I love the most, “Veins”,Have no Fear” and of course the phenomenal collaboration with Martin Garrix, “Lions In the Wild”.

The challenge was tough for Harry Bass and Jonnie Macaire, with the fans expectation over this new album being extremely high. They, however, seem to work extremely well under pressure, and this 9 track Sophomore album is mind-blowing and will make your ears fall in love with their sounds.

Starting out with “Higher”, the track makes you feel like you’re elevating, reaching new horizons, and this is the exact feeling an intro should give. The melody grows stronger and with it’s soft kicks and tender vocals, this one gets you in the perfect state of mind for the rest of the album.

Both “Free” and “Remember” are already two of their most notorious tracks, having featured their sets for a couple months now. With Rozalla’s very popular lyrics, Third Party manage to give these vocals a new life with “Free” fusing it with an amazing progressive melody, aswell as some new male vocals. When heard live, this track allows the listeners to elevate and unleash all emotions when the drop comes.

Played live in LIIIVE for the first time, “Remember” is of course one of the most beautiful tracks to ever see daylight, and little will be said, besides the fact that the lyrics provided by Harry, spread all the love and positivity that the melody transmits, making this combination an energetic and breath-taking one.

“I will always remember”

The next track is likely to be the main core of the album, “Together” and though it holds a certain Daft Punk feel to it, the track is undoubtably Third Party’s work of art, with this one being a definite mainstage track.

“Shadows” is likely to be the most interesting track in the whole album. Being heavily influenced by the Swedish mastermind of melodic chords, Eric Prydz, Third Party took inspiration of this bright mind and created this glowing ball of perfection. If you ever wondered what a collaboration between these geniuses would sound like, “Shadows” is a good example. No description given other than perfect can ever describe this track.

Taking you back to the 1980’s is Midnight”, a track that almost makes you feel like you’re in a disco dancefloor. Almost, of course, because Third Party remain true to their sounds and allow the track to breathe towards their progressive house sounds.

This final third of the album is where things get emotional and sentimental. Come With Me” has also been a part of their live shows for a while, but it never ceases to amaze me as well as all the fans. The blissful vocals give the track this heavenly feel, and with the powerful chords, this one rises, blasting you with one of the most heartwarming sense of purity.

Together with First State & Anita Kelsey, they have created Falling”, a curious and intriguing track, which despite the name, makes you feel like you’re elevating. The energetic build-up will give you this trapped feeling, until you are set free by the incredible chord progression.

The last track of the album is probably my favorite one. Northern Lights has a wonderful atmospheric beginning, and the lyrics give this track the ability to make you experience an unforgettable travel, through sound and emotion, giving you the unique sensation of feeling at home. All I can say is WOW. What a journey.

If you ever dreamed of an album and idealized every perfect detail of it, it wouldn’t even come close to the genialness that is “Together”. The way they are able to transcript their heart into a track is mind-blowing and their remarkable evolution throughout the years can only get you excited for what’s ahead. Finishing with the lyrics from “Falling”.

   “I’m falling under your spell, I feel so alive”.

And alive is the exact feeling we all will experience when listening to this glorious album. This is “Together” by Third Party!

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