Gare’s organization has announced the debut of one of the world’s techno dinosaurs in its chambers: the Belgian Marco Bailey. This is not just a debut at Gare, as in the underground scene of Porto. Previously he had been in Portugal for very few occasions: at Kremlin Lisboa once, and at Sound Waves festival in Ovar, twice (2013 and 2017).

Marco Bailey is an icon of the evolution of electronic music (and more specifically of techno, genre in which he is one of the pioneers) from the 90s to the present, and one of the rare examples of longevity and consistency in the industry. He began his career in the late 80s as a rock, funk and hip-hop DJ. In 1994, he discovered house and techno, and stayed here. He grew up alongside other world techno dinosaurs, such as Carl Cox or John Digweed. His breakthrough for stardom came in 2000 with the release of the EP Play It Back at Carl Cox’s Intec. In 2015, he founded and spearheaded the MATERIA project: a regular event in Ibiza, but has already toured France, England, USA, Japan or Mexico. Materia is also a record label (where Bailey released his most recent work, the EP Clout in January) and names a radio show, the Materia Music Radio Show.

With such a vast career, diversity is the word that occurs to us to describe Bailey. Some of the most striking features of his techno are the synthesized chorus in the background (currently replicated by KiNK), the impactful claps (which Amelie Lens so well imitates), as well as the recovery of some common trance chords of the 90s, transforming the futuristic and speedy acidity of them in a more obscure record, with more powerful beats. It is not noticeable that Bailey celebrates 30 years of his career this year. His appearance is youthful, his ability to adapt to new musical trends (his latest tracks do not sound at all obsolete) is remarkable, and his productivity is amazing.

It is not known, for now, which names will accompany Bailey. However, it will probably not be an all-night set, so let’s wait for more news about the event. Tickets are already available on the Xceed platform.

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