Disciple‘s latest EP is, once again, ranging from bass house to trap without missing dubstep. We’re talking about Eliminate‘s new “Cyber Whale EP”.

Throughout the EP we can notice why he decided to give the EP that name. The sample’s resemblance to whale mating noises with a mix of electronic sounds is accomplished by the best way possible.

For the first released track, and therefore naming the EP, we had “Cyber Whale” which is definitely the moto for the rest of his work, combining the samples mentioned above with his trap influences. Second track to get released was “I’ll Be There” and here we had the artist showing off what he could do when producing dubstep. “Them” featuring Virus Syndicate turns you up when you’re not expecting (amazing track, our favourite one). “Weeble Wobble” is a bass house track that was an ID for a very long time ago. Last but not least we heard “Running” today, really clean sound design.

As a gift, we not only had this new EP but also a mix by Eliminate featuring some upcoming IDs and collaborations with artists like Shaq.

Overall it was one of the best Disciple releases of the year, if not the best so far. Looking forward to what they have for the future. We heard some rumours about a new PhaseOne album… For now, we will leave you with “Cyber Whale EP”

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