Swedish DJ/Producer Garmiani has once again stepped up his game with yet another banger called “Barraca”, released on Spinnin Records.

The Kurdish ascent artist, whose real name is Jiar Garmiani, started out his career in the world of hip-hop and R&B. After making his transition to the dance music world, Garmiani has released tracks under Spinnin Records, Musical Freedom, Dim Mak and Ultra, with his most popular tracks like “Jump & Sweat” feat Sanjin and “Bomb A Drop” reaching the many million plays on Spotify. His characteristic style and flair have earned him his spot on the hearts of many fans, and Garmiani brings the fire to wherever he comes. So naturally, after his last track being released in September 2018, fans wanted more of him, and, as you know, ask and you shall be giveth.

“Barraca” starts out with the typical Garmiani percussion, quickly followed by latin-inspired synths and a small background beat. The build-up unsues for the textbook Garmiani drops, featuring a hard hitting kick, ad-libs and massive percussion samples. Yet another very well made track by the Swedish crazy man, that is sure to rock any dancefloor you play it on!

You can listen to the track in the link down below.

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