David Guetta and groove master Tom Staar roll back the years and bring back a genre thought to be long gone with their new track.

There aren’t that many people in the world who haven’t heard of David Guetta or at least one of his tracks. The French maestro is one of, if not the first name in many of people’s minds when they hear the word “DJ”. Despite the fact that in the past few years he has focused on more commercial tracks, that doesn’t take away what David has done for the world of dance music thus earning him the title of “grandfather of EDM”.

Tom Staar has been a major pillar in the dance music world as well. His view on music and innate ability to make everything groove-y and house-y has been the staple of his sound for years. He has the “midas touch” of groove, which is why we all love him.

Tom and David decided to join forces in what promised to be an incredible collaboration before it even started, and man did they deliver. The track starts out with a vocal and the build-up, which leads us to the mind boggling drop. Repeated synths, horns, the heaviest of basslines and those house hi hats make up a whole vibe and groove that hasn’t been seen in years. The breakdown grabs a long snare fill and the same vocal in a more EDM-ish build-up, but the second drop still does not disappoint , with all the good vibes being carried out throughout the track. A hell of a club banger that is refreshing to see in today’s dance music paradigm.

You can check out the track in the link down below.

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