A few months ago, former Digital Millitia member TANKO released his first solo track and it surely was just the beginning to his present project. He just released a new track called The World.

In fact, coming from a world where Big Room was the main theme of his tracks, the portuguese DJ and producer is now back for an outstandingly well produced record, which got released under the well known Quartzo Records.

The track spills a dark  vibe from beginning till the end and you can hear a dark build up, filled with some orchestral cinematic drums, overlaid with some brasses and male vocals that intensify the ambience TANKO wants the listener to feel while listening to it. It evolves into an even darker drop, where the intense bass line will blow up some major speakers and the loud but well mixed leads will bring the energy needed to make every crowd jump up and down.

The track is set to destroy some main dancefloor mainstages and we wish TANKO the best of luck on this new project of his and on his next new tracks.

You can now listen to the record down here and make sure to follow the artists socials!

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