The elrow that we know and love started in 2010 as a small party in Barcelona. They sought to build a place where adults could play around in a dreamland, with all the props and dancers and confettis, all while listening to quality dance music.

As it grew, elrow moved outdoors and became a daytime experience. Since then, elrow has transformed into a global party brand that brings its immersive performers and booming bass-lines to clubs and festivals on all parts of the globe.

Having shows on every continent, hosting over 250 events in multiple different cities, they have grown to be one of the biggest music love sharing experiences in the whole world.

Well, now they have touched Portuguese lands once again and they brought their crazy Sambowdromo do Brasil to provide the best Carnival Party in Portugal of 2019.

In fact, after being present in Lisbon last year with the Psychedelic Trip concept, this year elrow has made some changes concerning the location, but it still was a great event.


While last year’s edition (which was actually the first edition ever in Lisbon) took place at the Centro de Congressos, near rio Tejo and Ponte 25 de abril, being an event based on the psychedelic 60’s, bringing Kaleidoscopic Caravans, peace symbols and floral props, as well as hippie dressed dancers and artists, this year they came for something different and we were able to hear the sounds of the jungle and feel like we were in some kind of magical forest, surrounded by all kinds of exotic animals and exotic people. From giant monkeys, to giant Indigenous, to thousands of confetti flying through the air, we really felt like we were in a real Sambowdromo do Brasil.

The event

Kicking off the night, Mario Biani played to a semi packed arena, while people were still entering the event, either buying their tickets or just waiting on the line to go and enjoy the party. This year’s waiting time was not as long as last year’s and even if it was, the ‘feel-good house’ echoing from the inside was enough to gather the expectation of the amazing night that was ahead of people attending.

Once inside, there were a few things that bothered some fans. The ‘Cloakroom’ (Bengaleiro) and ‘Tokens’ lines were ridiculously big and some people got bothered as they saw their ‘investment’ on the fest being spent on a line. Furthermore, as this year’s arena was much bigger than 2018’s edition, we felt like the props got a bit lost if you weren’t in the middle of the crowd and the vibe that elrow usually gives out, got a bit lost around FIL. But as soon as you entered the crowd, started feeling the music and freeing your mind and soul to tech house, you would forget all that and you’d start having the time of your life.

Then, Portuguese talent DJEFF, brought out his secret weapons and put on a surprisingly good set, filled with the perfect tracks for the event and each and every single one of the records he played gave the event the vibe it needed and everyone just kept on dancing and feeling the groove of his outstanding afro-tech-house characteristic style.

Moving on throughout the night, the pavilion was getting packed and by the time Claptone started mixing above DJEFF’s final track, providing the crowd with a brilliant transition as if the music wasn’t meant to stop at all, the house was full and the sold out event was finally being heard by all dance music lovers present. Delivering what probably was the best receiving set of the night, the thrill and expectation people created before the show were fully covered by the two hour mix from the face covered brilliant DJ. With people, cheering and celebrating the fact that they were witnessing the magic from the white gloved artist.

Followed by the slightly heavier master Marc Maya, the night kept on rising and the naturally selected dance enthusiasts were still giving it all to the fresh sounds of the hypothetical jungle. After more than 6 hours with non-stop music, we were still feeling every bit of it. But it wouldn’t take long until we needed some rest. A few moments before Marc ended his set, we went to the back of the arena and got ourselves some minutes of rest.

Right when Matador started, we got up our feet and went back to the madness. The 6 a.m. ravers were set to stand up till the very end and enjoy his set as much as they could. Starting off with a darker vibe following Marc Maya’s it evolved into a softer, groovier approach and it was the perfect ending for the event.

We went home with the feeling that, even though there were some changes that made us choose last year’s edition over 2019’s one, elrow Lisboa Sambowdromo do Brasil was a great event and we hope they come back for the next years and improve on each and every edition – which may happen after the success this huge sold out arena showcased to the organization.

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