Noiseshock makes his comeback announcement and the euphoric Hardstyle lovers who know him go wild.

It has been quite some time since we’ve last heard from Noiseshock, as he had stepped aside from music during early 2018.

Last week he has made a comeback and he seems ready to set the Hardstyle hearts on fire again with stunning melodies across the euphoric vibes.

On his statement he explained what he went through during the last 2 years, where he barely released music during the months before he officially announced his break. The main reasons given for his pause in his music career were the lack of motivation after he had accomplished everything he ever wanted in music, such as reaching one of the top Hardstyle labels (Scantraxx), travelling and performing across European festivals and parties and, on the other hand, the sound shift Hardstyle was going through, which he didn’t understand completely. This caused an even bigger lack of motivation and he even started to dislike his own music by that time, which made him think “Ok, and now what’s the point?”.

He also explained in the beginning of his statement that he hasn’t been completely away from music, saying: “I’ve been working on uncredited productions & co-production for a bunch of projects”. Fortunately, the lightbulb moment has come as he thought “This can’t be the way I go out”.

We think it’s fair to say we will see a much more active Noiseshock in what concerns releasing music this year, starting with some of his older unreleased music and continuing with a bunch of new projects that we don’t have yet a clear idea what kind of sound to expect. On top of all this, there’s the highly anticipated track “Groove To The Beat”, started in 2017, which has been the first one to be sent to his label less than a day after his comeback statement.

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