British DJ/Producer Olly James has stepped away from his big room roots once again for his latest release “Ca$h” on Maxximize Records.

The 24 year old is one of the hottest prospects in dance music: known for his energetic big room tracks. The Newcastle-born DJ/Producer has been the staple story of a bedroom producer reaching fame: he first started out at the age of 18, guided by video tutorials. Since then, Olly’s claim to fame has been fast and loud, with him being the mastermind behind tracks like “Alarm”, “Invictus”, “Blow” and “Bandana” – with this last one being a collab with Portuguese duo KEVU.

Olly has releases in most major labels like Revealed Recordings, Spinnin Records, Maxximize Records and Smash the House. More recently, Olly has jumpstarted a Youtube channel, in which he releases his free downloads as well as tutorials and walkthroughs to help upcoming producers, just like the ones he watched at 18 years old.

After so many years in the big room world, it’s no surprise that Olly wants to try something new. This isn’t Olly’s first outing into other genres, as he collaborated with Julian Jordan in June 2018 with “Bounce That”, as well as remixing KURA’s “Lambo” back in December 2018-

Now, with “Ca$h”, Olly looks to experiment once again outside the big room world. The track starts out with a groovy intro, which quickly turns into the drop, with vibes reminiscent of future house and the big room sounds we’re used to. The breakdown features background vocals, which climax nicely with the second drop, with evocative vibes from a weird fusion between big room and twisted house.

You check out Olly’s new sound in the link down below. Tell us what you think!

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