San Holo has been one of the most successful and talked about producers in the industry right now and after his biggest project to date, his debut album album1, he is finally back with some brand new content and this new record will be in your mind for a long time.

In fact, after multiple marks achieved, such as him winning the Edison Award for his album, his album1 tour alongside his Europe tour, he is back to show that he isn’t planning on stopping working hard and innovating his sound track after track.

On this new track – Lead Me Back – you almost get the same feeling and vibe from album1 and this was a smart move from the Dutch man. From heartfelt vocals and lyrics, to beautiful melodies and chord progressions, to the outstanding guitar sounds throughout the track, this is one of those that will stick to the deepest side of your brain and will stay there to make you feel and think about every second of your life.

The record got released under bitbirdSan‘s own imprint and as usual, they won’t disappoint you. You can listen to the full track here and listen to album1 here.

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