We’ve talked about Frepz‘s production skills before and he just joined Strybo to deliver an oldschool futuristic track – Over Me.

In fact, after releasing what was the turn to a new page of his life book – Beaker North – and several other Dubstep bangers and smashers such as his collab with bassReaperErr_Trip, Frepz is now officially back with a track that will stick in your head for some time.

Taking you into a journey through some jazzy vibe melodies combined with the aggressive bass sounds the national talent used us to hear on tracks of his, alongside both producer’s musical skills, this track is one of those that will probably make a difference in the bass scene and that shows how innovating and trying new ideas can be fulfilling for both artists and whoever listens to their music.

If you listen to all the tracks from both, you’ll realize how much both have evolved and how this track proves that they are willing to push boundaries and maybe create their own sound on the bass industry.

The record is now available for you to listen and you can do it here. Listen to it and tell us what you think about it.

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