Last Sunday we were able to enjoy another anniversary of LX Music, which included 12 hours of non-stop music and dance.

This event changed its location to the L Factory, located in the LX Factory grounds, which facilitated accessibility, by the use of buses, trains and electric, to taxis and several parking places, as well as in catering, for offering a vast diversity of choice due to the location.

In this space, with its distinctive and special character, the 13 years of this promoter were characterized by the lineup which was composed by names like François X, B.Traits, Setaoc Mass, Boston 168, Radio Slave and Ø [Phase]. The space where it was located was in the smaller room, guaranteeing access to its upper floor, either to attend the event or to use its outdoor space.

As far as security is concerned, we can say that it was a little tights and crowded when it came to the usual search/pat down by the authorities at the entrance. With several bars, which meant that we didn’t have to wait too much for a request, but, on the other hand, did not include any kind of option to eat inside the venue.

The atmosphere was typical of a party of this type, very welcoming, friendly and full of fun. However, the stage was quite simple, but at an acoustic level this was in its usual standards, high in quality. Never the less, we believe that this anniversary was part of a weekend well spent with friends, with lots of dancing and with incredibly good techno. We surely enjoyed, and here is to hopping for another 13 years from LX Music.

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