The Dutch duo, Firebeatz, is recording the song with another very fresh song and a different record that will surprise the fans without a doubt.

Firebeatz are one of the most recognizable duets in electronic music and with countless hits in the music they produce, and this time is no exception with the release of their new theme “Through My Mind” with the help of Schella.

This time the Dutch duo submitted, and well, in a different production, something more cheerful, that gives desire to dance and show their versatility with a track more related to house music. It’s very good when this type of artists that has the own identity but nevertheless risks something new because that’s how they can attract other audiences.

These 3 DJs also know each other well, having collaborated several times together and released great songs like “To Be Continued”, “Switch”, and among others one of the most successful “Dear New York” released 7 years ago. Talking more of the Firebeatz had the biggest success and their launching ramp in the song “Bazooka” with more than 17 million views on YouTube. And it was from that time on that they got more recognition worldwide.

Listen bellow the new music of Firebeatz:

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