Dance Music has always performed with a close proximity to the video game community, and it was already predictable the intrusion of djs and music producers into games, first Marshmello and now Steve Aoki.

It was always known that Steve Aoki thought out-of-the-box with the presence of different names like Bill Nye The Science Guy to JJ.Adams on his album Neon Future.

The dj and producer coming from the US will be present in the new game “Star Treek Fleet Command Mobile Game“. An online RPG game that will mark the first appearance of Steve Aoki as a playable character where his characteristic long hair and beard will be present. The artist will be named D’jaoki and will be a member of Romulan Patriots.

Another artist who had his character added to a game was the iconic dj and producer Marshmello who ended up having a great highlight in the famous game Fortnite where he had a skin and even gave a concert in the game.

The game “Star Trek Fleet Command” is available in iTunes or Google Play for Android users.

What do you think of Steve Aoki’s new character look?

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