The two Brisbane based riddim producers, Hela and Cybersex have just released Duality, an EP that will help you get through this Tuesday with ease but beware, as you are likely to end up seeking a doctor for your sore neck.

Released under Bassweight Records, Duality is a 4 track EP filled with some of the filthiest wobs you have ever heard. The first one and likely the core of this project, goes by the same name as the EP itself.

“Duality” starts out with a wonderful melody that rapidly explodes into an absurd abyss. Hela’s signature sounds remain untouched as the music develops through. This rollercoaster between melody and this banger of a drop plays with the emotions of the listener in a marvellous manner.

The synthmaster, Cybersex makes sure the tracks have this space like atmosphere in all tracks through his melodies, that fuse together perfectly with Hela’s idea of mayhem. This is shown perfectly in “Satisfaction Dub” and “Quantum”, with both these tracks invoking your most secret demons.

The previously teased “Choon Squad” is the final track from this EP and it follows the idea of going out with a bang. The track gives birth to a phenomenal guitar riff that leads to probably the filthiest drop of them all.

This EP is non-other than a wicked work of art that needs to be cherished as the untamed beast that it is. In case it slipped by you, make sure to listen to it down below!


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