The English duo, Disclosure is back to the music and nothing better than joining talent with talent and the result to be excellent.

The british brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, are one of the most famous electronic music duo, we are certainly talking about Disclosure that have very peculiar performances in Dj set format and live performance in which they use different instruments and their own voice to make their own shows. This time bring Khalid to collaborate on his latest music.

Talk is the latest song that both artists have produced in which Khalid’s talented voice is combined with all the electronic rhythms of Disclosure. Something more turned to the commercial but nevertheless transmits a good vibe and with a great choice in the voice being the strong point of Khalid the R&B.

With their latest album released in 2015, titled “Caracal”, Disclosure fans are looking forward to this comeback with music and what a good way to return. With all the success starting with “Latch” at the time with the voice of Sam Smith, the duo continued with their work and ended up getting quite successful with the most diverse themes like “Omen” also with Sam Smith, “Magnets”, “You & Me” among others.

Listen bellow the new music of Disclosure with Khalid:

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