You know what time it is! It’s Future Connection time! For this episode, we have the mastermind Simon Fava.

The Frankfurt native has been behind the decks since 1998, when many successful DJ/Producers weren’t even born. Simon honed his DJ skills for years, and eventually ventured in the world of music production in 2011, releasing a few bootlegs and remixes which caught the attention of labels. The following year, Simon would release his first official track, called “Adir Adirim” and sign a contract with label Superstar Records. He kept releasing quality music under the watchful eye of such l9abels like Tactical Records, PornoStar Records and Sosumi Records.

His major breakthrough came in August 2018, when he teamed up with Gregor Salto and Sérgio Mendes for one of the grooviest tracks of 2018 – Magalenha. Since then, Simon popularity has grown exponentially, making him one of the hottest prospects in the world of house music.

Simon very graciously accepted to do a mix for us, but he wanted to try a different approach. Instead of pure groovy vibes, Simon opted for a more tech house infused set, and with tracks like Mark Rossa’s “Da Da Down” and Shiba San’s “All I Need”, he has certainly accomplished that. The rest of the mix includes smash hits like Fisher’s “Losing It” and Jack Back’s “It Happens (Sometimes)”. Funnily enough, the mix includes none of Simon’s own tracks, but the energy he managed to imbue into the mix is incredible.

It’s time to let the music do the talking so go ahead and enjoy Episode 17 of Future Connection with Simon Fava at the helm!
“Let there be house!”

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