The new album by Stereossauro was released today and has so much to tell. “Bairro da Ponte” … starting with the name of the album transmits some ideas of what will be present along the 19 tracks that are present in this album.

Bairro” is possible to associate with fado and hip hop, it is where people live. ”Ponte” will be seen as a change, for example, from something old like fado to something more modern like dance music.

Observing the cover of the album, it is possible to observe a fado singer giving a kiss to a younger boy, who makes the correspondence between fado and hip hop.

Flor de Maracujá ft. Camané – One of the tracks that gathers all the elements together. In the beginning we can listen the voice of Amália Rodrigues who has to accompany the Portuguese guitar. When the beat begins, the voice of the artist Camané gives a huge soul to the track. The second part of this track have the presence of some elements that make the track groovier. One of the best tracks of this album.

Vontade de Deus ft. NBC, Ricardo Gordo – The track begins with a guitar to the cable of Ricardo Gordo, joining to him the voice of NBC, the bassline and the beat make the song complete. By the lyrics we can understand the name of this track. The second part is very similar to the first.

Nunca Pares ft. Slow J, Papillon, Plutónio – The track begins with a Portuguese guitar accompanied by the voice of Slow J. Then begins the beat with the bassline and Papillon vocals that give soul. Plutónio also joins together to demonstrate through the lyrics the Portuguese soul that is felt in this track and is a general idea of the whole album.

Depressa Demais ft. Ana Moura, DJ Ride – The track starts with some elements that make a person feel the track. Join the bassline and the voice of Ana Moura and later the beat … perfect recipe for success!

Duas Casas ft. Capicua – Something different, like the track “Nunca Pares”, this time with the voice of Capicua.

The Portuguese guitar is present throughout the whole track and it is possible to note its importance. It features “samples” from Amália’s voice and with scratch from Stereossauro that make the track have more energy.

Vento ft. Gisela João – One of the tracks I liked the most about this album. It presents elements like the Portuguese guitar and bassline that make the music seem sad although the lyrics have a positive meaning. The voice of Gisela João is very important in this contrast.

Código da Rua ft. Ace – A great work on the part of the Stereossauro that used scratch like a great element to give aid to the voice of Ace in the refrain. In the middle of such quality I think it is the track that most sins.

So Sodade ft. Dino d’Santiago – Something different due to having Dino d’Santiago. In this track it is possible to notice very well the presence of the style already characteristic of the singer. The second part of the track features a hip hop beat that turns out to be okay with the singer’s voice.

Cacilheiro ft. Carlos do Carmo, The Legendary Tigerman, Ricardo Gordo – Who would have thought Carlos do Carmo would get along so well with The Legendary Tigerman? A track that presents a great volatility of the artists that have a lot of quality.

Arleking ft. Rui Reininho – A mix of a Rock singer who is Rui Reininho with hip hop that turns out to be very well. I think the only problem of this track is the lyrics that turns out to be weak in the middle of so much quality.

Ingrato ft. Nerve, DJ Ride – A darker track that ends up getting very well with Nerve’s voice. The Portuguese guitar has a supporting role to the blackest environment of this track that also features the presence of DJ Ride.

Barco Negro ft. DJ Ride – After Stereossauro has done a live remix of this song of Amália Rodrigues it even ends up creating a song based on the singer’s music. A very good track that has some elements of scratch who gave a great energy on the drop through the voice of the singer. Great work from Stereossauro and DJ Ride!

Novo Sal ft. Paulo de Carvalho, Razat – Track that counts with the participation of Paulo de Carvalho and Razat, who unfortunately died. With the voice of Paulo de Carvalho brings a lot of emotion to the music. It is possible to note the influences of Razat which ultimately demonstrates the great quality as producer and DJ that it was. A track that marks both for the singing of Paulo de Carvalho and also sadness because of the Portuguese dj/producer.

Pequenino ft. Holly – A track that counts on the presence of one of the greatest talents in the world of production and national djing, Holly. The drop has several elements that seem strange but leave a lot of energy. In the second drop we have the presence of Dubstep that ends up bringing a greater diversity to the album.

FFFFF ft. Sr. Preto – It begins with the use of samples of Amália, later ends up joining the voice of Sr. Preto and the beat. The track itself is very well done but ends up failing the lyrics as it does not seem to make much sense. “Fado, Futebol, Fátima, Festivais and Fest” does not make sense …

Entrega – Stereossauro’s only solo track that demonstrates the great talent he has. Without any vocal it’s all “magic” of it’s own!

Para os Poetas ft. Ricardo Gordo – With the presence of Ricardo Gordo on the guitars, it turns out to make this track more melodic.

Não te Pertenço ft. Holly, DJ Ride – Joins three big names from Portugal: Stereossauro, Holly and DJ Ride. A track that looks like hip hop only, ends up in the second part features a big drop full of energy.

Verdes Anos (remix pt.1 e 2) ft. DJ Ride – Stereossauro eventually released the remix that was Eurovision promo. This remix is pure magic … a lot of quality … Great work by Stereossauro and DJ Ride

Finally, an album full of quality, which has in Portugal the key concept. In all the tracks it is possible to listen to the Portuguese guitar which is something fantastic and daring.

Great work, Stereossauro!

[REVIEW] Stereossauro brought us a full portuguese album!
Quality 9
Innovation 10
Fluidity 8
Favorite Tracks
  • Vento
  • Verdes Anos (remix pt.1 e 2)
  • Flor de Maracujá
Least Favorite Tracks
9Overall Score

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