Dance Music’s favorite mustache DJ & Producer, Luttrell, has released his debut album on Anjunadeep, Into the Clouds.

San Franciscan producer released today his debut album, “Into the Clouds” and announced an extensive North America tour. Luttrell stepped into the scene as part of the OSWLA trio The M Machine, later in 2016 going solo and finding himself a new home with Above & Beyond‘s label Anjunadeep. With a unique melodic techno and deep house, Luttrell quickly found himself as a fan favorite among the Anjunafamilly, releasing tracks such as “What you are“, “Need you” and many more.

The album features 1o original tracks and an extra three tracks as extended edits, just over an hour long experience. The album takes us in an incredible journey from start to finish. Variety is something that this album doesn’t have lack of, Luttrell really demonstrates the eclectic producer he has become.

The album a whole is incredible, but there are a few tracks that stand out such as; “Out of Me” one of the best tracks in the album, happy, melodic, dreamy it’s how we best can describe it, or even “Still Dreaming”. Progressive tracks such as “Quiet Even Dark” and “Intro the Clouds” and melodic techno tracks such as “Haunted Jungle Cruise” that starts off as a dark melodic track, making me feel vulnerable, scared, wandering what is happening – especially straight after a positive track such as “Quiet Even Dark” – only to end with an upbeat and happy feel, incredible, magical.

Luttrell had this to say about his own album:

“I think each song has a message, a vibe or a feeling that each and every one of us can relate to on some level. Some moments are flying high above it all, some are dreamy or whimsical, and some moments are more pensive, delicate or even vulnerable. I want listeners to make this album their own and attribute their personal experiences and feelings to the music.”  

The truth is, this might be a strong contender for best album of the year. Luttrell did an amazing job releasing an album that is nearly flawless and I will surely have it on repeat for a long time to come. You can find our mustache friend in one of the upcoming 23 dates in North America.

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