Social media just blew up with the latest tweets from Calvin Harris. Just yesterday the DJ and producer was accused by Apashe for copying his videoclip and after that caos installed.

In the previous tweet you can see the resemblance between Apashe’s videoclip for his song “Majesty” and the videoclip for Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone Man’s song “Giant”. There are plenty of similar elements but we can’t really be sure if it was copied or just an unfortunate coincidence.

After all the accusation was made on Twitter several friends of Apashe jumped on trying to defend him. One of them being TenGraphs, manager of the Crowsnest label. The response from Calvin Harris was something no one would expect:

Calvin Harris response to TenGraphs

Social media went nuts with this tweet and a lot of bass music artists started making fun of such a ridiculous discussion. He later deleted the tweet and addressed the dubstep community:

This goes to prove once again that Calvin Harris is an impulsive artist on social media, as we can tell by the many scandals involving him. TenGraphs on the other hand grew much bigger in popularity since he was not that known of an artist. We will leave you with one of his “nazi headbanger” songs:

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