January last year, Kayzo released his debut album Overload, an album that got everyone jumping and headbanging to some of the artist’s most phenomenal sounds. Now, a little over a year later, he seems to be ready to release a brand-new album that will sweep you and everyone else off the ground.

“Alone”, is the first track to be released from the album and what a rollercoaster of emotions it is. Matching perfectly with Hayden’s style of production, the post-hardcore band Our Last Night, deliver some chilling vocals that when mixed together with his melodies, heavy bass synths and mind-blowing dubstep drops, create a mesmerizing atmosphere that brings a smile to any listener.

The energetic build-up is one of Kayzo’s many signature traits and his ability to fuse his own style with the most beautiful metal vocals and guitar riffs make him stand out from everyone else.

“I don’t want you to be alone, I just wanna be your home”

The lyrics to this track are not random and according to Hayden, it is dedicated to his girlfriend Cray, who, for those unaware, also happens to be an incredibly talented artist. For those who follow him on social media, you can see how great of an influence she is on him and his music and one thing that is always clear on every post, which is their love for each other.

This relationship seems to fuel one of his best production to date with “Alone” getting plenty of love and positive feedback on social media.


With his iconic remix of Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” and his further releases “FAKE FAKE FAKE” with xo sad and “Wasted Space” together with Underoath being once again the babies of this punk/metal with Dubstep union, we can expect plenty more of this in the upcoming album.

Alone” is out now and has been released in his very own label Welcome Records. You won’t want to leave this one unheard, trust us.

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