American DJ/Producer TJR launched a new alias, dedicated to releasing acid house tracks, and he has already released new music.

Thomas Joseph Rozdilsky, better known to all of us as the lovable bald-headed TJR is a household name. Over the years, TJR has built a steady career, filled with successful original tracks and remixes. Known for being one of the few DJs who isn’t afraid to show his skills behind the decks, he is the mastermind behind monstrous melbourne bounce hits like “Ode to OI”, “What’s up Suckaz” and “F*ck me Up” – featuring the now well-known Cardi B.

Now, Thomas did a complete 180-turn and, in a very bold move, went back to his roots. This unusual move has slipped a bit under the radar, as artists nowadays try to expand into more popular genres, instead of going back to their origins. Armed with a new alias – ROZSKITJR intends to release acid-house inspired tracks. On a post on his social media, he announced the creation of his new persona as well as new music:

“Midwest” is an EP released under Boys Noize Records, composed of two tracks – “Enter” and “Midwest”. As ROZSKI promised, it’s 10 minutes of very well constructed acid house tracks, making his future in this new world very promising.

You can check out the EP in the link down below. What do you think? Let us know!

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