January is coming to an end but there are still some artists that are releasing for the first time in 2019! This week was no exception and so many good tracks were released. We will mention 3 Future House  tracks released this Friday that you must listen if you haven’t yet! The tracks will be available at the end of the post.

The first track that deserves a mention is ‘I Got You’ by Mike Williams. The track was released in Spinnin’ Records and has a very cool, refreshing melody that fits in the vocals so nicely! This track is somehow different from his last tracks, ‘Wait Another Day’ and ‘Rocket’, with a unique melody and different impact on the drop. I know you will love this one!

Do you know the guy that produced ‘Breathe’ together with Kings back in 2016? Yes, you are right! Jonas Aden released his first track this year in Hexagon and it’s called ‘Meet You’. This track is a tue masterpiece by Jonas and I know that I wanted to meet him because this track… Oh God, just listen to it! You will have it on repeat all day!

Earlier this week (Dropgun announce new music coming this Friday) we talked about na upcoming track by Dropgun. Guess what: it is already here! The track is called Spirit Of Freedom and was also released in Spinnin’. They previewed the drop of the track but I can ensure you: the rest of the track is as good as the drop. The melody is catchy and bouncy and it’s impossible not to like their style.

You really should add these 3 tracks to your playlist and put them on repeat!

Written by Luís Gouveia.

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