At the start of the year, Code: Pandorum made a series of posts regarding his future as an artist. He gave info about his sets, the visuals and overall his brand as you can see below, taken from a post on the artist’s Instagram page:

Talking about 2019 and whats coming: This announcement is probably the biggest change in my career yet. I started Code: Pandorum 5 years ago and this is the first (and hopefully last) time I change my logo.

With this I’m proud to announce that my sets from now on will be all original with a big concept and full custom visuals. Leviathan will be my new mix series with a glimpse of whats coming next year and how my sets will sound from now on. This now is the truest version of me and exactly what I want to do with my sound,style and vision.

The mix was promised to the 25th of January and here we are. A brand new mix from the deathstep master with a total of 14 IDs, several unreleased tracks in just over 27 minutes of pure murderding bass. The tracks to highlight are his bootleg of “Gold (Stupid Love)” by Excision and Illenium and his collabs with Qoiet and TYNAN. There was some midtempo also present.

His first set of the new concept was at LeBikini, in Toulouse. In an action packed night he managed to stand out with his unique sound design and 100% original set. To finish off the night, he played one of the new unreleased collabs with Qoiet to absolutely demolish the crowd.

Proud owner of Crowsnest, Code: Pandorum is someone to take into consideration in 2019. Will we have an album from him? Only time will tell. For now, we will leave you with his brand new mix. Enjoy:

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