After releasing more than 10 tracks in 2018, Dropgun announced their first release for this year!

The track is going to be released on Spinnin’ Records this Friday and it has that feel, vibe and unique style that they bring to every track. The feedback on their socials is already huge and if you haven’t listened to it yet, check the link at the end of the post!

Last year was really great for the Russian duo. With more than 10 tracks released over several record labels like Spinnin’ Records, Future House Music, Musical Freedom, Hexagon and more, their unique Future House style is different and refreshing. On top of that, they also combine their style with other genres like on their track Fire Blazing.

In last year’s track Sweet Dreams, a collab with Breathe Carolina, featuring Kaleena Zanders, they got 23 million plays only on Spotify! They currently have 2.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify and the count will for sure increase soon! Keep an eye on this duo because they never disappoint!

Their last track of the year was Drought, featuring Nevve, released on the Future House king label, Don Diablo. It’s obviously a Future House track, but the way they mix the vocals into their style is just magic. There’s no way you won’t love the track! Drought already has 1 million plays across platforms and the feedback and support is still big!

Last but not least, check the preview of their upcoming track!


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FIRST RELEASE IN 2019! 25 JANUARY on @spinninrecords ?? ARE YOU EXCITED?

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