Bass scene’s known artist, Jphelpz, just dropped a neck breaking EP called “Maximum Damage”. The 5 track EP shows a clear adaptation from his older sound design to something a little more modern within the bass community.

Even though we noticed a slight difference to some of his older work, there is still his mark on every song. The metallic sounds are present as always and there are some nuances of known sounds from other artists.

Although there are some drops that might be considered hybrid trap, this is mainly a dubstep (riddim) EP. Some strong points about it are the diversity in every song, they all feel different from each other while maintaining that coherence you’d expect. Some similarities with Peekaboo’s style are noticeable on “Break Yo Neck”.

Overall it’s a very good EP. Nothing really stands out but everything is at a high level. It was released on Firepower Records last thursday.

Take a listen to “Maximum Damage”, Jphelpz most recent EP:

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