The Neopop has announced that Pan-Pot, Berlin’s German duo, will be at Villa Porto on February 1 – a day after their performance at Lux Frágil along with Tiago Fragateiro. Usually the events of Neopop take place at Hard Club, but this time the organization took the show to an equally wide space like Villa: a house known for the musical eclecticism and its several floors, one for each genre. Frequent presence in Portugal for about 10 years, the pair formed by Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix in 2005 was last time in Portugal in February 2018 at Collective Lisboa, in an event organized by LX Music.

The Pan-Pot project – a name inspired by an equipment used in the recording studio – began in Berin, when the young audio engineering students Tassilo and Thomas met at SAE, an institute dedicated to the creative industries. Since then, the pair felt attracted by the techno sonorities. With experimental spirit, they tried to combine a minimal and stripped style with sinister and murky sounds, taking away also influences from house and IDM – characteristics that maintain until today.

The moment that marked the start of Pan-Pot’s rise dates to 2007, when they released their first studio album, “Pan-O-Rama”, on Anja Schneider’s Mobilee label. The album received many accolades due to its eclecticism and diversity. Because of this musical versatility, they have an abnormal ability to understand the audience’s vibrations, the type of fans (more festivalgoers or more intimate), the type of set space, as well as the momentum.

Later, in 2014, they founded their own imprint, Second State, which is not only for releasing their own material but also spreading the spirit of unlimited creativity and eclecticism around the world.

They are known for their extraordinary vivacity and work ethic: from the beginning of their career at the highest level, they have never slowed or stopped: they’re always producing, remixing or traveling around the world on tours.

The style of the duo is very difficult to define: obscure, but not heavy; danceable but not festive; melodious, but the crescendos are coupled with disruptive sounds or percussions, so they are not melodies that stay in our ears. Still, we can attribute as trademark images the snares with various tempos and the vibrant basslines. In short, a bold record and a record uncompromised with the genre labels of electronic music.

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