Jay Hardway has always been loyal to his style and he keeps pushing it forward with every track he releases. But there’s one ID his fans have been especially excited about.

In fact, the DJ and producer behind some modern dance music anthems, such as his single Electric Elephants, his collaboration with DVBBS Voodoo and the iconic Wizard with his friend and current number one DJ in the world by DJ Mag, Martin Garrix, has pleased his fans from the very first release of his and he just teased every single one of them with a track they have bee waiting for a long time now.

He first played this track almost a year ago during his 2018 tour, it was his intro for some gigs but it hasn’t been released yet. Some say it will be called Aliens, but there is neither an official name nor released date.

He posted a video of how his first 2019 week went and the song that is overlaid is  definitely the one fans are expecting and if you scroll through the post’s comments you’ll see the hype around it.

The song takes us back to the Jay and dance music in general from 2015, with a fat main lead joined by some percussion elements, which is followed by a second more melodical drop that will definitely rumble every venue.

Is this video a hint from Hardway meaning he’ll release this one soon?


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Couldn’t think of a better way to start 2019 ? Thank you China and Singapore for the amazing energy ? Video by: @jorritmonne / @ubercut

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