The two brothers, Howard & Guy Lawrence, return to Super Bock Super Rock for a DJ set where they played live for the last time in 2016, they also performed at the festival in 2014.

Disclosure known for production such as “Latch“, “Omen” and responsible for the highly acclaimed album “Caracal“, the two brothers will be bringing their DJ set to Super Bock Super rock rather than the usual live set that we witnessed in 2016. In 2017 they announced a break from music, however, last year they returned with a brand new track “Ultimatum” and later announcing their third album.

The duo began their careers in started to get an interest in music at an early age with influences such as Funk, Dubstep or Hip Hop. Influenced by parents who are also musicians, the two brothers started by playing Bass and Drums. In 2010 their first single was released “Offline Dexterity“, later under PMR Records, they released two more singles that would place them in the map “Carnival / I Love… That You Know” and “Tenderly / Flow“. Since then countless singles and two albums where released, making them one of the most desired artists in the world.

Their return is marked for the 20th of July, at Meco, where Super Bock Super Rocks returns to one of their most beloved locations after a four year stint and Altice Arena.

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