Being on the edge of any musical genre for more than 30 years is not an easy feat. However this is exactly what DJ The Prophet has managed to do. To achieve this, he had to reinvent himself and his sound several times, and surprise his audience. This week, he’s done so once more by presenting his new concept – This Is Me.

In an emotional video, the artist stated that he’s been working on new tracks that cover the “full spectrum of hard music” and that he’ll be doing monthly releases with all the new material. This new concept also encompasses special showcases on a few of his bookings, and the first one will be this weekend in Germany, where he’s expected to premiere a lot of his recent work!

DJ The Prophet has proven time and time again to be one of the true greats of Hardstyle. He was one of the pioneers, which earned him the “Godfather” nickname and has pushed many talents in the Hardstyle scene with his label. He also had a huge role in the 90’s Gabber scene. Given this track record, it’s probably safe to assume that the new productions he’ll be releasing this year will have a wide variety of sounds, from euphoric vibes, to reversed bass, while passing through Freestyle and maybe, who knows, higher tempo tracks or elements from his experiments with other genres.

Dov was never afraid of change and even said he doesn’t allow himself to be restricted to “one box”. That being said, do you believe he’ll be raising the bar with his new concept or is he just trying to refresh his image? Whatever the case may be, we’re surely happy to see one of the biggest game changers do all he can to stay relevant!

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