Rumors regarding Skrillex and Boys Noise getting back together as the infamous duo Dog Blood are becoming more of a reality as time goes by. In fact, Buku Music Festival announced back in December, that Dog Blood would be performing on March 23rd.

This, of course, got everyone’s excitement to reach an all-time high, and even more now, because Boys Noise uploaded an Instagram story in the studio, with Skrillex, and with an @officialdogblood tag, with the boys showcasing how they used the analog synth.

Their live sets remain rare, though this is not the main reason why they remain so special. Their music together is not only mind-blowing, but it’s also of extreme rarity, having to go all the way back to 2013 for the most recent track released. The duo’s first EP ‘Next Order/Middle Finger’ rocketed to the top of techno charts leading them to perform at Ultra Music Festival back in 2013.

Keeping details vague seems like Skrillex’s and Boys Noise’s way of creating hype around their name, but one thing that always follows that hype is a delivery that goes beyond every expectancy and ends up blowing everyone’s mind.

However, there is only one sure thing, considering that nothing has yet been confirmed in what comes to new music, and that’s the idea that they will head to New Orleans for Buku Music Festival and deliver what everyone has been waiting for almost 2 years now, which is the reunion of Dog Blood in an unforgettable and mesmerizing set.

DOG BLOOD? from r/skrillex

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