Just recently Never Say Die Records teased everyone with a new video on their social media. The video had no description and it gave everyone an idea of what to expect for 2019.

It shows a simple triangle with the label name in the middle and three divisions, once on each vertex. The top one and first to show up was the geometrical logo from Never Say Die Records, the left showed NSD: Black Label’s snake and the one on the right was blank, most likely indicating a brand new sub label!

Everyone started guessing what is coming. We had some really interesting suggestions such as a Wakaan kind of sub label, some said a deep dubstep label and we even had oddprophet making fun while mentioning his sound design saying it was a sub label for producers that use no sub bass.

One this we know for sure, they have a lot planned for this new year. They are starting it off with an EP from BloodThinnerz and a single from Krimer making the next monday a great day for dubstep.

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