Detroit techno legend Jeff Mills will soon release a new sub-label from his Axis Records, founded in 1992. It calls Str Mrkd (pronounced Star Marked) and its first release will be the EP “AX-077“, by Mills. There is still no concrete date for the release of the work, but the American describes it as “a new thinking for a new time”.

Throughout his career, Jeff Mills has been an example of how to expand horizons within the genre of techno. His industrial and interventional techno of the 1990s evolved into a greater mix of genres such as jazz or classical music and a more melodious record. In 2018 he released a collaborative LP with Afrobeat founding drummer Tony Allen entitled “Tomorrow Comes The Harvest” (whose tour will go through Porto at Casa da Música on July 2), mixing techno textures with the jazz and afrobeat. In the same year, he released a solo album “And Then There Was Light“, in which he opted for a more ambient techno style.

Now, Mills begins 2019 with a kind of return to the roots, with the promise of an EP that aims to more progressive, futuristic and hypnotic tendencies.

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