The american dj, 3lau, started the year to present their fans with a new music and a new sound, something new but undoubtedly very good.

The year 2019 has just about to begin, and fortunately, we started on the right foot and with a gift from 3lau. After a very well accomplished album in 2018, the producer and DJ come to 2019 with a different style than what was 2018.

We are listening to a song from Chill Out and with the great voice of Carly Paige every song gets a new image and so “Would You Understand” is born. It could be said that it was a risk of 3lau launching this theme considering his natural style, but it was a win bet. It shows without doubt its versatility and the ability to surprise.

As already mentioned, 3lau released his album “Ultraviolet” in 2018, this being one of the highlights of his year, he also left the door open to new styles and here is his answer. With great themes previously released as “How You Love Me”, “Is It Love” or even with the remix made for Ariana Grande “Into You”, 3lau has been conquering a great legion of fans and growing.

While we wait for more music like this, listen below your new single and give us your opinion:

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