Technics have always been a reference to DJs when it comes to turntablism and their equipment is known for its quality and endurance. Now, they’ve teased the internet with what can be the MK6 upgrade.

In fact, the company teased what might be the new generation of the mythical SL-1200 via their Instagram page and it is made clear that DJs, users and fans in general can expect big things from them and the whole event that is happening on January 7th.

Technics7th will take place in Las Vegas and will be broadcasted worldwide on that day, at 20:00 (23:00 PST). The event will focus on the Technics SL-1200 Series turntables, originally launched 47 years ago and they might release the 7th generation of these on this event. It will be hosted by DJs such as  Kenny Dope and Derrick May, who will show what one can do with the hardware and software Technics  provide.


On a final note, the legendary turntable pioneers aim towards a better future, Upholding a Legacy, Creating a New Standard and they might just reach this goal with this new 12 year later generation.


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#technics7th Upholding a Legacy. Creating a New Standard.

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On the on hand, DJs are looking forward to this brand-new release and they can’t wait to work with this brand new equipment. On the other hand, fans are concerned that it won’t be as affordable as they wish it would be.

What’s your view on this teaser and the official event where they might premiere the long awaited SL-1200 MK7?

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