Now that 2018 is coming to an end, most people celebrate this time of the year with family and friends, sharing love. Elrow chose to fool everyone.

In fact, on the December 28th, the Elrow organization announced a brand new concept, a one in a lifetime experience and something that would be absolutely perfect for anyone who loves dance music. They announced that they had bought a whole Island in order to host the first Electronic Music Theme Park.

Even though some fans were thrilled with the idea of having an entire island dedicated to dance music (they probably  made everyone dream about it), others have pointed out that December 28th is the day ‘April Fools Day’ is celebrated in Spain (Día de Los Inocentes) and it turned to be, in fact, a prank from the Festival’s organizers.

It was supposed to have eight themed areas, two hotels, one casino, seven restaurants and three beach clubs and the deal was that it would have music playing 24 hours, non stop. Major dream material, right?

One can still wonder if something like this would be possible and how far are from a reality like the one Elrow has just proposed we are.

PS: Elrow was considered to be the best 2018’s National Party by the Wide Future’s Dance Music Awards and you can check the final results here.


Elrow's Fools Day

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