If you’re a Martin Garrix fan, he just gave away the perfect Christmas gift for you and you will be delighted to hear that he released what probably was his biggest show to date.

In fact, the current number one DJ in the world, has just released his live set from his solo show ANIMA in RAI in Amsterdam during ADE and you can definitely tell how much work and dedication has been put into the show, visual and musical wise.

The almost two hour set is filled with all the classics from the Dutch DJ and producer himself, as well as his most recent tracks such as his latest EP Bylaw and even his latest track Glitch alongside his brother from another mother Julian Jordan.

Showing off the work of the talented team behind the prodigy boy, this show sets the goal to how music shows should look and sound like. From the pyrotechnics, to the lasers, to the 5.1 surround audio and even a 4K filmed video, this proves why the DJ is where he is and how a young but talented group of people can put on such a great quality show.

You can now watch the full live set here.

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