The Gare Porto announced on its Facebook page that the 8th of February will mark the return of the Belgian Amelie Lens to the Porto’s tunnel after having passed there in September 2017. Lens is joined by compatriots Farrago and Milo Spykers (that were with her in the closing session of the last Brunch Electronik Lisbon) and also the French Airod, in an event that will last until 9 o’clock the following morning.

You do not need great presentations from Amelie. After a rise to the pulse on the underground scene – within a year went from anonymity to one of the most sought-after artists in the industry -, she is a techno figure all over Europe and also in the United States, and also has sets in renowned festivals as Awakenings or Circoloco. Shee began by releasing his tracks on the Pan-Pot label, but she felt the necessity to establish her own label, “Lenske”, where she released her latest work, the EP “Basiel”, last month. It will be her seventh time in Portugal in less than two years, the second time she steps on the Gare stage. In Portugal, besides the performance in the Brunch Electronik, also played in clubs like Kremlin and Industia. Her style is unmistakable: super-aggressive techno, with big-room techno and acid techno traits, a frantic beat, a heavy bass and her trademark – the intense and ever-growing claps along the tracks.

His friend Farrago, born in Antwerp as Amelie, adopts a musical record that does justice to his name: Farrago literally means ‘a perplexing mixture’, and his record is marked by melodies growing and descending and at the same time an epic and obscure tonality, accompanied by the resonating sound of a classic 4/4 kickdrum. He has tracks on Berlin’s ARTS label, where it pontificates names like Dax J (who performed at Gare last November).

Milo Spykers, also from Antwerp, is an artist still on a launching pad for stardom. His short career, which began about two years ago in his hometown nightclubs, has been closely accompanied by Amelie, and proof of this is the release of the “Infinite” EP at Lenske. His style is very similar to that of his ‘tutor’: aggressive, with frenetic percussion and acid melodies.

Airod, a French DJ from Paris, is already a regular presence in famous clubs such as the Griessmuehle in Berlin, Corsica Studios in London or Kompass Club in Ghent (Belgium). He founded this year his own label “Elixyr”, where he released the EP “Physical Pressure”, which was supported by names like Amelie Lens and Rebekah. His record is marked by strength and hypnotic chords, as well as snares in a super-fast pace.

Once made the presentations, now it’s up to you to confirm your presence by purchasing the tickets here.

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