It’s that time of the year once again. Never Say Die Records just released their mix and compilation: “Never Say Die Vol. 6”. This marks the end of the year and the start of the next one!

The mix is, as per usual, mixed by SKisM, the owner and one of the founders of the label. Although he doesn’t release something of his own for a very long time, he is a key piece in the label’s functioning. Like he told us on Twitter many times, he doesn’t produce by himself but helps a lot of producers that work with the label producing their own tracks. He’s a real embassador.

“Heaviest one yet!  So much fresh talent in this mix which is a sign of how healthy and fruitful the scene is. Shout out to the youngens and everyone else who killed it this year.

Roll on 2019..


This is by far the heaviest mix to date. There are 41 IDs present and several unreleased tracks from artists such as Spag Heddy, Trampa, Megalodon and Eptic. The tracklist can be found on their YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

The compilation on the other hand was surprising but not for the best reasons. We still didn’t get Trampa’s VIP for “Rocket Fuel” and very few IDs from the original mix were included in the compilation. Just like last year, the tracks are teased but not released for some reason. Maybe this time it will be different since there might be a Trampa EP coming soon with all the IDs we have access and perhaps a Zomboy EP or even an album.

Never Say Die Records keeps trying to maintain the statute of the biggest and best dubstep label at the moment, but with labels such as Disciple Records coming into play, how do you think the future will be? Let us know! While you’re at it, listen to the full compilation right here:

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