Zeds Dead’s label just released a compilation! It is called “WE ARE DEADBEATS Vol. 3” and it features 15 different artists over the course of 12 tracks. 46 minutes of amazing bass music with a portuguese treat.

The 3 biggest tracks in our opinion are Gentlemens Club’s “Keep It Simple”; Blunts & Blondes’ “Smooth Shanka” and Holly’s “MISSU”. The portuguese talent is once again showing what he is capable of and this time we had Zeds Dead acknowledging it! Our focus is once again around him since he’s representing the portuguese bass music scene outside our country.

The rest of the songs are from really underrated artists. Some of them with around 500 monthly listeners on Spotify. If you want to see more experimental bass music you should definitely give them all a go and explore their work. There was a clear try to not include only dubstep but also drum and bass and some trap.

Zeds Dead also stated that the compilation featured artists that were “pushing the boundaries from what people might expect to listen from a certain genre”. This is for sure noticeable when you listen to all the tracks. They are not your usual bass music, vanilla, general tracks.

One of the best experimental compilations of the year, “WE ARE DEADBEATS Vol. 3”:

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